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Sylvia Sloots Dutch Artist Earthly round Art Works Paintings Mixed Materials about

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I am Sylvia Sloots, living and working in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Earthly´s are my latest project and they are completely handmade round artworks with colours and the atmosphere of the earth, naturally with rough reliefs that 'live'.

Lots of texture, natural colours and elements characterize my work. I'm very inspired by nature and this can be seen and felt. My work brings a piece of nature inside.

My works consist of handmade round art works, painted with mixed materials.

At the moment a number of my works can be seen at :

SHE Art Gallery in Nuenen

Galerie Groede in Groede

The Netherlands


"Watch nature, feel nature, be inspired and transform this all into awesome natural artworks with lots of texture"

Sylvia Sloots is Pro member of the Dutch "National Association of Visual Artists".